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OwtChonder T-Shirts

OwtChonder (It’s out yonder) was started in 2013 to be a part-time business, which will be a full-time business after retirement. Our goal is to design and print t-shirts for everyone with an idea, or for those who enjoy t-shirts with attitude.

My youngest daughter and I supply the attitude, and my husband and I design and print the shirts. Our political views are conservative, as we believe no one goes into business to lose money or give away a product. Therefore, our political t-shirts will attract those with conservative views. We are Christians and are more-than open to printing religious t-shirts, as well.

We live in Texas and our logo was designed with a belief in 2nd amendment rights, as well as, the average view of how a resident of the Lone Star state dresses. We also believe in the 1st amendment and everyone’s right to express their feelings, therefore, we will print what you request but prefer not to print curse words.

Our personal logo is designed to fit the back of a shirt—7” by 9”—or the pocket and/or sleeve—2&1/2” by 3”—position of the front of the t-shirt. We have men’s, women’s, and children’s logos, available. We also print t-shirts that carry the Oopse Happhant logo. Oopse is my cartoon character, and was developed over 30-years ago. He is special to the family and enjoys a selection of designs that feature him and his pals.

Our designs are done In-House and we don’t work with clipart, unless specifically requested by the client. When the client is ordering multiple shirts, we do not charge for the design work. We will be going-mobile in the next 6 months to 1 year (hopefully), as well as maintaining our home base. If you’re interested in designs/prints for personal, business, religious organizations, or team shirts, please contact us by phone or email.

Telephone: 903-546-9090

Payments can be made by check and snail mail, or through PayPal: sperrysphere1957@yahoo.com

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